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Our services

In Skillfull we offer a wide range of services to cover the needs of our customers.

Technical office

Conceptual development of any part, plug or mould.

Reverse engineering

Digitalisation of any part, mould or plug to turn it into plugs.

Composite moulds

With low shrinkage thermosetting resins reinforced with fibres and cosmetic finishes.

CNC plugs/Master models and moulds

High precision machining services by numerical control (CNC).

Scale Models

We scale and give shape to your projects: boats, aircrafts, car plugs…

Rapid prototyping

FDM 3D Printing.


About us

Skillful Lda. is a company located in Monçao (Portugal) that belongs to Resinas Castro Group, S.L. (Castro Composites). It was created in order to offer rapid prototyping and moulds and plugs manufacturing services for the composite material sector. Furthermore, we cater for the needs of any application sector in which the manufacturing of high-performing light reinforced parts may be required. We also offer our services to a wide range of industries such as wind, automotive, rail and nautical sectors among many others.

The 12-year experience of the company in the composite material sector is endorsed by its Spanish head company, Castro Composites, with 50 years of experience in the field.

Open to the public from 7 to 15h (Portugal time). Call us on:  +351 251 648 374


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Contact us to get an appointment.

Analysis of the project

We will discuss your project and propose the best strategy to carry it out.

Implementing the project

We will carry out the project keeping always our main goal in mind: fulfill the expectations of our customers.


We produce your professional scale model

Manufacturing of scale models for any sector in record time with guaranteed quality.

If you have any queries, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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We will show you our work and help you to develop your project.