About us

fresadora CNC

Skillful Lda. is a company located in Monçao (Portugal) that belongs to Resinas Castro Group, S.L. (Castro Composites). It was created in order to offer rapid prototyping and moulds and plugs manufacturing services for the composite material sector. Furthermore, we cater for the needs of any application sector in which the manufacturing of high-performing light reinforced parts may be required. We also offer our services to a wide range of industries such as wind, automotive, rail and nautical sectors among many others.

The 12-year experience of the company in the composite material sector is endorsed by its Spanish head company, Castro Composites, with 50 years of experience in the field.

Our technical department is responsible for mould and plug design, as well as the selection of the most suitable manufacturing process and materials, based on the technical requirements of the project.

For plug manufacturing we offer a wide variety of low to medium density materials, such as polyurethane and polystyrene foams of different densities, different types of wood, tooling boards, etc.

Our machining department is responsible for the programming and the machining itself. To do this, we have two machining centers: 5-axis CNC machine and 7-axis machining robot.

In the final process plugs are sanded, polished, etc. until the desired finish is achieved.

Mould manufacture is adjusted to the customer's needs. We select the best option from a wide range of composite materials (fibreglass and carbon combined with thermosetting resins: epoxy, vinylester or polyester) and technologies (hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, infusion or prepregs).

We also offer digitalisation and a reverse engineering service.

A 3D FDM printing service is also offered.