Rapid prototyping

3D digital printing for rapid prototyping.

Skillful Lda uses 3D printing machinery to obtain rapid prototypes that reduce the time needed between the design and the manufacture of a part. This means important cost reductions compared to conventional manufacturing techniques.

In a short period of time we can rapidly make prototypes in ABS or PLA (a technique called FDM or deposition of molten material). We also have the technology to print directly elastomeric (flexible) prototypes. Furthermore, we manufacture small moulds that are used to create parts through direct casting of low melting point metals.

The client provides us with a 3D file in STL, IGES or STEP format to print. Another possibility is for the client to provide us with the original part, which will be digitalised and sent directly to the printers or will be modified in size and designed to meet the customer’s needs. Once the modification is made, the part is automatically printed.

We offer reverse engineering and file developing services (surface generation services).

Once the prototype is built, we can make the moulds to produce a series of parts. This series can be short, medium or large depending on the kind of materials used for the mould construction: silicon, PU or composite elastomers.